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X2864AP Electrically Erasable PROM

Winbond W24M257AK-15


Winbond W24M257AK-15 256kBit High Speed CMOS SRAM

NEC D43256C-10L


NEC D43256C-10L 32Kbyte Static CMOS RAM



NEC 1024-word x 4-bit SRAM

Fairchild 2708


Fairchild 2708 8kBit EPROM

UMC UM6264-12


UMC UM6264-12 64kBit CMOS SRAM

TI TMS4116-15NL


Texas Instruments TMS4116-15NL

TI TMS27C256-15JL (One Device)


Texas Instruments TMS27C256 256kBit EPROM

TI TMS2764JL-25


Texas Instruments TMS2764JL-25 64kBit EPROM



Texus Instruments TMS2708 8kBit EPROM

Toshiba TMM416D-3


Toshiba TMM416D-3 16kBit Dynamic RAM

Intel P8155H


Intel P8155H 2048-bit Static HMOS RAM with I/O Ports and ...

Mostek MK4801AN-1IRL


MK4801AN-1IRL 1Kbyte Static Ram

Mostek MK4116N-3GP


16kBit Dynamic RAM

Mostek MK2716J-8IRL


Mostek MK2716J-8IRL 16kBit EPROM

Motorola MCM6810AP


Motorola MCM6810AP 128 x 8-bit RAM

Motorola MCM6810AL


Motorola MCM6810AL 128 x 8-bit RAM

Motorola MCM4116BC20


Motorola MCM4116BC20 16kBit Dynamic RAM

Fujitsu MB8116E


16kBit Dynamic RAM

Mitsubishi M58725P


Mitsubishi M58725P 16kBit SRAM

Intel B2708



Hitachi HN462732G


Hitachi HN462732G 32kBit EPROM

Hitachi HN27256G-25


Hitachi HN27256G-25 256kBit EPROM

Hitachi HM6264P-15


Hitachi HM6264P-15 64kBit High Speed CMOS SRAM

Hitachi HM62256LP-12


Hitachi HM62256LP-12 32kBit SRAM

Hitachi HM6168HP-45


Hitachi HM6168HP-45 4096-word x 4-bit High Speed static ...

SONY CXK58258P-35


SONY CXK58258P-35 32kBit High Speed Static CMOS RAM

AMD AM9128-70PC


AMD AM9128 16kBit SRAM



AMD AM27128ADC 128kbit EPROM

Hitachi HM6264LP-15


Hitachi HM6264LP-15 64kBit High Speed CMOS SRAM