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Intel P8080A-2

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Product Info

Intel P8080A-2 8-bit N-Channel Microprocessor


N-Channel Microprocessor

  • TTL Drive Capability
  • 2 μS (1:1.3 μS, 2:1.5 μS) Instruction Cycle
  • Powerful Problem Solving Instruction Set
  • 6 General Purpose Registers and an Accumulator
  • 16-Bit Program Counter for Directly Addressing up to 64 k Bytes of Memory
  • 16-Bit Stack Pointer and Stack Manipulation Instructions for Rapid Switching of the Program Environment
  • Decimal, Binary and Double-Precision Arithmetic
  • Ability to Provide Priority Vectored Interrupts
  • 512 Directly Addressed I/O Ports
  • Available in EXPRESS
    • Standard Temperature Range
  • Available in 40-Lead Ceramic and Plastic Packages

(Data taken from Intel 8080A/8080A-1/8080A-2 Datasheet)


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