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ST Z8470AB1

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ST Z8470 Dual Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter


Dual Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (Z80A DART)

  • Two Independent Full-Duplex Channels with Separate Modem Controls, Modem Status can be Monitored
  • In ×1 Clock Mode, Data Rates are 0 to 500 kBits/Second with a 2.5 MHz Clock or 0 to 800 kBits/Second with a 4.0 MHz Clock.
  • Receiver Data Registers are Quadruply Buffered; The Transmitter is Doubly Buffered.
  • Programmable Options Include 1, 1½ or 2 Stop Bits; Even, Odd or No Parity; ×1, ×16, ×32, ×64 clock modes.
  • Break Generation and Detection as well as Parity-, Overrun-, and Framing-Error Detection are Available.
  • Interrupt Features Include a Programmable Interrupt Vector, a "Status Affects Vector" Mode for Fast Interrupt Processing, and the Standard Z80 Peripheral Daisy-Chain Interrupt Structure that Provides Automatic Interrupt Vectoring with no External Logic.
  • On-Chip Logic for Ring Indication and Carrier-Detect Status.

(Data taken from Zilog Z8470 Z80® DART Datasheet)


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