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AMD AM2964BPC Dynamic Memory Controller


Dynamic Memory Controller

  • Dynamic Memory Controller for 16 k and 64 k MOS Dynamic RAMs
  • 8-Bit Refresh Counter for Refresh Address Generation, Has Clear Input and Terminal Count Output
  • Refresh Counter Terminal Count Selectable at 256 or 128
  • Latch Input RAS Decoder Provides 4 RAS Outputs, All Active During Refresh
  • Dual 8-Bit Address Latches Plus Separate RAS Decoder Latches
  • Grouping Functions on a Common Chip Minimises Speed Differential Between Address, RAS and CAS Outputs
  • 3-Port, 8-Bit Address Multiplexer with Schottky Speed
  • Burst Mode, Distributed Refresh or Transparent Refresh Mode Determined By User
  • Non-Inverting Address, RAS and CAS paths
  • 100% Product Assurance Screening to MIL-STD-883 Requirements

(Data taken from 1979 AMD AM2900 Family Databook. Page 2-330)


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