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Hitachi HD146818P

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Product Info

Hitachi HD146818P Real Time Clock plus RAM


Real Time Clock Plus RAM

  • Time of Day Clock and Calendar
    • Counts Seconds, Minutes and Hours of the Day
    • Counts Days of Week, Date, Month and Year
  • Binary or BCD Representation of Time, Calendar and Alarm
  • 12- or 24-Hour Clock with AM and PM in 12-Hour Mode
  • Automatic End of Month Recognition
  • Automatic Leap Year Compensation
  • Interfaced with Software as 64 RAM Locations
    • 14 Bytes of Clock and Control Register
    • 50 Bytes of General Purpose RAM
  • Three Interrupts are Separately Software Maskable and Testable
    • Time of Day Alarm, Once Per Second to Once Per Day
    • Periodic Rates from 30.5 μs To 500 ms
    • End of Clock Update Cycle
  • Programmable Square Wave Output Signal
  • Three Time Base Input Options
    • 4.194304 MHz
    • 1.048576 MHz
    • 32.768 kHz
  • Clock Output May be used as Microprocessor Clock Input
    • At Time Base Frequency ÷4 or ÷1
  • Multiplexed Bus Interface Circuit of HD6801, HD6803 and 8085
  • Low Power, High Speed, High Density CMOS
  • Battery Backed-Up Operation
  • Motorola MC146818 Compatible

(Data taken from Hitachi HD146818 Datasheet)


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