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Hitachi HD6840P

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Product Info

Hitachi HD6840P Programmable Timer Module


Programmable Timer Module

  • Operates from Single 5 V Power Supply
  • Single System Clock Required (E)
  • Selectable Prescalar on Timer 3 Capable of 4 MHz for the HD6340/HD6840, 6 MHz for the HD63A40/HD68A40 and 8 MHz for the HD63B40/HD68B40
  • Programmable Interrupts (IRQ) Output to MPU
  • Readable Down Counter Indicates Counts to Go until Timeout
  • Selectable Gating for Frequency or Pulse-Width Comparison
  • Three Asynchronous External Clock and Gate; Trigger Input Internally Synchronised
  • Three Maskable Outputs

(Data taken from Hitachi HD6340/HD6840 Datasheet)


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